Benefits and Method Of Using Penis Pump

A penis pump is a type of penis enlargement device that is worn on the penis. So today we will get to know the Benefits and Method Of Using Penis Pump. It is called a “vacuum erection device” in medical language.

It increases blood flow to your penis, which helps you get a better erection or keep it longer. Additionally, the penis pump also slightly increases the length and girth of the penis, but only temporarily.

For someone with erectile dysfunction, a penis pump is a less expensive and generally safer option than other options. It can also be used with erectile dysfunction medication such as Viagra.

Also, a 2013 study found penis pumps to be effective in improving penile function after prostate cancer surgery and radiation therapy. This is the reason why doctors recommend prostate patients use a penis pump for a few months after treatment.

how does it work?

The Penis pump increases blood flow to the penis by creating a vacuum.

This blood fills the blood vessels in your penis, causing them to swell and your penis to become temporarily larger and more complex.

If a penis ring is used along with this, it can slow down the process of blood coming out of the penis, so that it can remain erect for a long time.

is it safe?

In most cases yes it is safe to use. But it is important to use it in the right way and for the right amount of time.

Men going through certain medical problems should not use it.

According to the US FDA Institute, if a man has frequent problems with priapism, using a penis pump or other external hardness device on the penis can worsen his condition.

The high vacuum (air pressure) inside the penis pump can also cause slight bleeding under the surface of the skin. Therefore you should not use a penis pump if you have any of the following disorders:

  • have a blood disorder
  • have a blood clotting disorder
  • if you take blood thinners, especially drugs for high blood pressure

Also, if a penis ring is worn too tight or for a long period, it can cause bruising, numbness, blueness, or coldness on the penis.

How do you know which pump is best for you?

For starters, avoid any penis pump that claims to make the penis longer and thicker permanently.

A penis pump designed for erectile dysfunction, often prescribed by a doctor, is the safest and most effective.

So ask your doctor to write you a prescription. Not because you will need a prescription to buy a penis pump, but to help you buy a safe penis pump. Or you can directly ask the doctor about a good penis pump.

Regarding safety, the penis pump you choose should have a vacuum limiter. This can keep the pressure in the cylinder from getting too high and potentially hurting your penis.

Lastly, consider your penis size when buying a penis pump or ring.

Although most penis pumps don’t come in a specific size, they come in three sizes: average, small, and large. So if your penis size is around average – which most men are – then you should buy an average-size penis pump.

Benefits and Method Of Using Penis Pump

Some penis pumps have additional functionality or equipment, but all have the same basic function.

So here are the steps to use a common penis pump safely:

  • First, put the tube of the pump on the penis.
  • Then use a hand pump or electric pump attached to the tube to expel the air, which will create a vacuum effect on the penis.
  • Once your penis is fully erect, remove the pump.
  • You can then wear a penis ring around the base of the penis to help keep the penis erect for longer.

Are there any precautions that you should keep in mind?


Taking the following precautions can help make your experience safer and get the best results from your device:

  • Shave your pubic hair: Nothing to spoil the mood like the pulling of pubic hair. Removing hair from the base of your penis before use will prevent hair from getting caught in the ring. This will also help your penis pump and the ring fit better.
  • Follow the directions properly: Every penis pump box comes with some usage directions. Even if you’re already aware of these, it’s good to go over them one more time to ensure added safety and effectiveness.
  • Do not wear the penis ring for more than 30 minutes: Wearing a penis ring reduces the amount of blood coming out of your ring. Wearing it for a long time can increase the amount of low-oxygen blood in the penis, which can cause damage to its tissues. So never wear a penis ring for more than 30 minutes.
  • Use lubricant. To create an airtight seal on the penis pump, apply a little lubricant to the shaft and base of your penis and the sides of the cylinder. The lubricant will also make it easier to put on and take off the penis ring. Plus, if you’re going to masturbate before turning on your pump, the lube can make it even more enjoyable.

How long will its effect last?

Typically, expect around 30 minutes, but each situation is different.

Some factors like your arousal level, mental state, etc. can also affect how long your penis will stay erect.

How many times can it be used?

It depends on your condition and convenience.

Most people can safely use it several times a day as needed, provided they use it correctly.

Is there anything else you can do to help increase the size or improve performance?

Absolutely – at least as far as performance is concerned yes. Increasing penis size can be a bit difficult, and in many cases, it is not possible at all.

A balanced lifestyle can provide long-term benefits when it comes to improving penile performance and achieving a harder erection. it means that:

  • reduce your stress level
  • Getting enough sleep and exercising regularly
  • to reduce the intake of things like nicotine and alcohol, which can have adverse effects on blood circulation and genitals

Certain medications can also interfere with your sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction – especially medications for depression and blood pressure. If you think the medications you’re taking are affecting your ability to have sex, talk with your doctor.

Although it is not necessary to tell, it is important to have better sexual arousal to make the penis hard and to keep it erect for a long time. So spending a little more time on foreplay before sex can be of additional help in increasing blood circulation to the penis.

Now let’s talk about the size…

There is no way to increase your penis size without surgery. However, in some cases, men’s penis is often unable to stand properly due to stress and other problems and they consider it small.

Moreover, the size of the penis does not matter for you to give complete satisfaction to your partner.

Still, if having a bigger penis is important to you, you can feel and show it in the following ways:

  • Keep your genital hair clean so that every part of the penis is visible instead of being covered by hair.
  • Keep your weight and obesity under control, as excessive fat can also make the penis appear smaller.
  • Learn how to have sex with your small penis, and use some sex positions to help your penis go deeper so your partner can feel it bigger.


Penis pumps work, but if you’re looking for a permanent increase in penis size, they can’t help you with that.

Rather, the penis pump helps make your penis fully erect and keeps it vertical for a long time. And like excitement, this process is also temporary.

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