Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Fast

If you’ve been searching for the best sex positions to get pregnant, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered all the necessary information for you and have included it in this article. Here are 8 Sex Positions to get Pregnant Fast. Are you ready to start a family now? No sex position is “wrong” for conceiving a baby, but there are certain sex positions that increase the chances of sperm meeting the egg.

Why does sex position matter to get Pregnancy?

Many doctors say, “While no one sex position will guarantee pregnancy, I advise my audience to try sex positions that take advantage of gravity, such as missionary. sex position. But sex positions don’t matter as much for pregnancy as your health does.”

I advise that “before thinking of a child, both the partners must confirm with their doctor whether the health of both of them is fit to have a child or not. In general, your body mass Index BMI should be normal, your diet should contain enough folic acid and you should not consume excessive alcohol and smoke.”

Once you have done this check-up, it is important to pay attention to your menstrual cycle. Like making a calendar of when you start ovulation and when it ends. To check ovulation, you can buy an “ovulation test kit” from any medical store. Ovulation usually lasts for five days and during this time you are most likely to get pregnant. You should have sex during these five days.

Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Fast

Okay, so now you must be wondering what are the Best sex positions to conceive a baby. These sex positions won’t magically (or for sure) help you get pregnant, but they are one of the best ways to get sperm to the egg.

Whichever of these sex positions you adopt, always lie straight on the bed for at least 15 minutes after sex.

According to research in the British Medical Journal,  27% of women who lay down in bed after sex got pregnant successfully, on the other hand, only 27% of women who got up immediately after sex got pregnant. Only 17% could get pregnant.

This means that being still for a while after sex makes it easier for sperm to travel.

So let us now know the 8 best sex positions that help in pregnancy –

  • Missionary

This is the most popular sex position and almost every couple is aware of it. In this the male is on top of you and gravity is in your favor.

In sex positions in which the woman is on top, the sperms have to swim upwards, on the other hand, in the position on the top of the man, it is easier for the sperms to swim through the vagina towards the uterus.”

To get more benefits, keep a pillow under your hips, this will give more benefit to the journey of sperm.

  • Doggy Style

Any sex position that involves deep penetration can help sperm travel more quickly to the uterus and increase the chances of pregnancy.

In doggy style, the woman gets on her hands and knees like a doggy and the man inserts his penis from behind.

Also, in this sex position, the penis hits the front walls of the vagina where the G-spot is located, so your sex in this position can also be very erotic.

  • feet on shoulders

This is a variation of the missionary sex position. This, during vaginal sex, the woman puts her feet on the shoulders of the man.

This position helps get the sperm as close to the uterus as possible, while also taking advantage of gravity.

  • CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

The cat position can be beneficial for women who have trouble achieving orgasm through missionary. And needless to say that full orgasm can give additional benefits during pregnancy.

Apart from this, this position also helps the sperms to swim downwards just like the missionary.

In this position, the woman opens her knees outwards, so that the bottom of the man can fit properly.

Then, instead of thrusting in and out, both the man and the woman have to simultaneously move and rub their genitals up and down. By doing this, instead of vaginal stimulation, the woman gets more clitoris stimulation, which increases her pleasure of sex a lot and helps in achieving a full orgasm.

  • reverse cowgirl

One out of every five women has a retroverted (i.e. backward) uterus. If you are also one of them then this can be the best sex position to get pregnant.

In this position, the man lies straight on the back of the bed and the woman takes the penis inside by facing his feet.

Also, the penis enters the vagina from a unique angle in this sex position, so you can feel the novelty of sex.

You may not know whether your uterus is facing reverse or straight, so why not try this sex position once?

  • side by side scissors

In this position, you lie on the bed facing one side and the man lifts one of your legs and inserts the penis, as shown in the photo above.

This position helps you to have deep sex, which increases the chances of pregnancy.

  • rear entry

In this position, the woman lies on the bed upside down on her stomach and the man inserts the penis from behind her.

Since this position allows the man to apply more pressure, the penis can go deeper. Which helps in pregnancy.

According to research published in the  Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy,  this sex position is more helpful in deep sex than missionary.

  • jamming position

No, you don’t have to be a yogi or a gymnast to try it, but it is one of the boldest Sex Positions to get Pregnant Fast. In this position, first of all, the woman stands on both her hands and knees like a dog. Then the man standing behind her lifts the waist and puts her thighs on his waist and inserts the penis inside. During this, the woman stands on the ground with both her hands and keeps her legs straight.

This helps in having deep sex and by which the sperm reaches the egg quickly. Since this sex position is a bit risky and you will need some practice to do it properly. So do it patiently and take your full time. So these were the 8 best sex positions that help in pregnancy. 

If you are not able to get pregnant even after trying these, then there may be a problem with you or your partner, such as low sperm count, egg failure, uterine damage, etc. So get yourself examined by a good gynecologist and advise your partner to meet a sexologist.

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