Men's Sexual Wellness

Who does not want Healthy Sex Life? Men are especially concerned about their sex life (Men’s Sexual Wellness).

But due to some of their dirty habits, they have to go through Men’s Sexual Problems. The lives of many get ruined.

That’s why we will understand the ‘3S’ formula of sex life here. Sexologists say that the ‘3S’ formula men need to understand well. If they do not follow it, then their virility will become weak. Because of this they will not be able to enjoy sex life.

What is the ‘3D’ formula? (What Is 3S For Sex Life)

Now let’s know about ‘3S’ formula. What is this after all? It is not complicated like a math problem that needs to be solved. Rather, here three such things have been told, due to which sex life becomes weak. These are things that men consume faster and more every day. (Men’s Sexual Wellness)

Rules are made to make life better. Here we will learn about the ‘3S’ formula of Sex Rules. After this we will be able to spend a good time in bed with our partner.

Enemy of Sex life ‘3S’

Men's Sexual Wellness

Cause of Diseases

Men's Sexual Wellness

According to statistics, 8.9% of all diseases that occur in the world are due to the consumption of these things only. Contains 4.1% tobacco and 4.0% alcohol.

1. The figure of 36 of Cigarette and Sex Life (Smoking Affects Sexual Performance)

Cigarette makes sex life as weak as smoke. Sex power disappears from the body in such a way that men are not able to know. That’s why sexologists recommend staying away from cigarettes.

Dr. Prakash Kothari (Sexologist) says, due to smoking, there is disturbance in Men’s Hormones, decrease in excitement, increase in anxiety (worry, anxiety etc.). It works to kill sex excitement. So stay away from cigarette or tobacco consumption. (Men’s Sexual Wellness)

research on cigarettes and sex

This thing has become clear in the research report of the University of Hong Kong. A three-year study led by Prof. Sophia Chen found that sexual problems also improve rapidly within six months of quitting cigarette addiction. Especially men suffering from the problem of sexual arousal got relief very soon by quitting cigarettes. According to the report, such problems are more common among smokers in Asian countries, especially in China.

2. How is the sex life of alcoholics? (Alcohol Sexual Dysfunction)

Many people have heard saying that drinking alcohol increases sex capacity. But on this Dr. Arjun Raj says, alcohol works to ruin sex life. Although it does not show any effect in the beginning, but later after this, bad effects are seen on sex life. That’s why alcohol should be avoided for sex power. (Men’s Sexual Wellness)

Drinking alcohol daily has a bad effect on many important organs of the body. Low testosterone level starts decreasing due to alcohol. Low testosterone level means that your sex life is getting weak. Alcohol has a bad effect on the cells of the testicles, due to which the problem of erectile dysfunction can occur.

3. Effects of stress on sex life (Stress Is Affecting Sex Life)

As much as physical health is necessary for better sex life, Equally it has to be mentally healthy. If you are mentally unwell then it will badly affect your sex life too. Because stress works to affect mood and behavior. (Men’s Sexual Wellness)

  • Mood swings
  • Hormones Disbalance
  • Feeling Lonely

All this can be due to stress. You are not fit to have sex in such a state. During this time you will just like to be alone. So try to keep yourself away from stress.

Overall speaking, cigarettes, alcohol and stress cause serious problems like (Erectile dysfunction)(premature ejaculation), painful sex, lack of desire for sex etc. That’s why those who wish to have a better sex life are advised to stay away from it.

By Arvind Murthy

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